Camilla wearing Princess Diana’s $5 million emerald brooch Prince Charles gave to her as a wedding gift

They were bitter love rivals for two decades so it’s not hard to imagine how Princess Diana would feel about Camilla wearing her favourite jewels. The Duchess of Cornwall wore Diana’s beloved diamond and emerald brooch to the races in Cheltenham yesterday. The Queen Mother gave Diana the brooch when she married Prince Charles in 1981 and it was returned to the royal family after her death in 1997. Charles then gave it to his new wife Camilla. Diana would no doubt be more pleased to see Kate Middleton wearing her treasures.


Prince William gave Catherine his mother’s engagement ring in November 2010.

The Duchess of Cambridge borrowed this diamond brooch from Queen Elizabeth for her trip to Canada.

The tiara Catherine wore to her wedding has been worn by the Queen Mother and Princess Anne.

According to a new NBC documentary on the Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen would like Kate to weigh down her hems to prevent those pesky Marilyn Monroe skirt-blowing-up moments that get us so excited.




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